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An Austrian court has convicted a member of Hamas for organizing suicide bombings against Israelis in Jerusalem.

Although Austria conceals names, it is known that this man had previously served nine years in prison for violence against Israeli soldiers. This recent conviction is a life sentence. This is a deserving sentence for a man whose goal in life was to take away the life of others simply because of their religion and ethnicity.

The Austrian daily Kurier reported the 27-year-old man “was raised in the Gaza Strip and was a member of Hamas who called on men on social media to launch attacks in Jerusalem.” He encouraged Palestinians to toss grenades at gatherings in Jerusalem. His goal was to murder Jews.

Groups like Hamas are threatening the lives of Israelis simply for being Israelis. Although this man will now serve a life sentence, another will pop up in his place. And then another. And then another. These groups are proliferating quickly and we must take steps to end their reigns of terror.