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If you didn’t think ISIS could be more twisted and horrendous than they already are, think again. Leading United States military officials have reported ISIS has been using innocent people, including women and children, as human shields during recent battles.

Here are just a few of their latest atrocities:

  • Strapping suicide belts on civilians
  • Tying civilians up and placing them in front of the ISIS fighter
  • Filling cars with children so the military will not strike
  • Kidnapping, drugging, and then placing children at the front lines
  • Putting civilians in buildings with booby traps so the military must deal with the civilian casualties
  • Sex slaves have been forced into underground prisons and then draped over their captors as protection against coalition strikes
  • Taking over homes and holding the family hostage

Unlike what President Obama thought, ISIS is not the “JV Squad.” They are the real deal, they are inflicting terror upon hundreds of thousands of people. President Trump is rebuilding our military and strengthening our nation to properly attack and eliminate ISIS. The United States is a beacon of hope to those in fear, and a nightmare to those who want to inflict terror upon innocent women and children. The United States will not cower to their demands but instead, stand up and fight back. ISIS cannot continue to exist in our civilized world.