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Instead of calling ISIS the “JV team” like President Obama, the Trump administration is defeating the terrorist organization. ISIS has reportedly been driven out of their last urban stronghold in Syria.

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces invaded Boukamal, a city in Syria, on November 8th and forced ISIS out. Boukamal is in a strategic position on the Iranian border. ISIS has been pushed out of all major urban areas and have been relegated to tiny villages and the Syrian desert. According to CBS News, “With the collapse of ISIS in Boukamal, the militants have no major territorial control in Syria and Iraq.” This is a major success for Syria and the United States.

Although a long battle took place between ISIS and the Syrian troops, the city has been liberated and must now rebuild their lives. ISIS has ruined too many cities and families, they must be defeated. President Trump is continuing to lead the United States and allies to victory against ISIS.